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Our research

We carry out research which covers people aged 50 years and over and includes healthy ageing, the links between long term and multiple long term conditions and disability, physical activity and disadvantage, longer working lives, and the use of digital technologies.

Across our research we consider social and health inequalities, the experiences of carers and family members, as well as financial constraints and living in poverty as we age.

We do this through a range of research projects, as well as through rapid response projects, where we provide direct responses to policymakers’ new and emerging policy needs.

Follow the links below to find out more about our current and past projects, our methods and our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.


Our work is far-reaching, as it covers people aged 50 years and over. It includes (although is not limited to) the following core themes:

  • healthy ageing across the life course;
  • the impact of population change on health and social care;
  • the links between multiple long-term conditions, disability and frailty;
  • longer working lives;
  • physical activity and disadvantage;
  • use of digital technologies;
  • long-term and end-of-life care.

Important or influential issues will be considered in every aspect of our research. These include:

  • social and health inequalities;
  • the experiences of family and other carers;
  • financial constraints and living in poverty as we age.


We use a range of research methods to answer important policy questions in a way that is timely, scientifically robust, takes account of public and community views, and makes the best use of resources.

In particular, we focus on:

  • evidence synthesis (bringing together findings from existing research);
  • big data analysis (analyses of existing datasets that include large numbers of people or organisations);
  • listening to the voices of stakeholders and research that includes the experiences of all older people, carers and the public.

Experts by experience, including the public, carers, professionals, community and national stakeholders, are an important and integral part of our work and team. They influence how we design, conduct, deliver and disseminate our research through their involvement and engagement in our work.

Learn more about our experts by experience.

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Learn about our work in specific areas of health and care for older people.

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COVID-19 research

View our research into the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare for older people.

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Rapid responses

See our responses to requests from the Department of Health and Social Care and other bodies.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion

Read about our commitment to capturing and listening to relevant and appropriate voices in our work.


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