Covid-19 Technology for strength and balance

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Falls amongst older people are an important public health problem. Exercise interventions, particularly those targeting strength and balance, are effective in preventing falls in older people. However, to be effective, this exercise needs to be evidence-based programme, delivered to dose, challenging and progressive exercise. This is normally delivered by health or exercise professions, face to face in classes or one to one home visits which is curtailed by the Covid-19 lock down. Tens of thousands of current recipients will lose the benefit of their exercise rapidly if they do not continue during home isolation.

Digital media may offer an alternative and the research by our policy research unit will explores what the evidence is that delivery of evidence-based programmes can be achieved by digital means.


  • What is the evidence that strength and balance exercises can be delivered remotely to older people using digital media?
  • Which apps or platforms can be used successfully to deliver evidence-based falls prevention programmes?


Briefing paper


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