Covid-19 International Learning

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Issue Identified 

Few members of the current health and care workforce have lived through a pandemic. Learning from international experience has become an essential part of the response to Covid-19. Established ways of sharing health and care information cannot keep pace with rapid changes in knowledge. Our paper considers:

A) How the health and care workforce (and the health and social care system), are learning from international experience on Covid-19?

  • Official information – websites of the World Health Organization, professional organisations and government bodies (from both UK and other countries)
  • Research evidence emerging from outside the UK, published in journals and websites
  • Clinical and care networks
  • Social media, particularly Twitter
  • General news sources


B) what do we know about the key lessons from international experience?

  • The main sources of key lessons for the care system are the World Health Organization and government guidance.
  • The care workforce is learning from international experience in patient management.



To read more in depth on this paper see the linked document:

23/03/20 – Briefing paper Covid-19 – Learning from international experience


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